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The Terrell family has been in the farming business as long as anyone can remember. Miles Terrell was born in 1927 during the Great Depression.  His family was able to survive this time by continuing to work their farm and live off the farm.  Miles began working on the farm when he was about 7 years old.  He started out watering the chickens on his family farm.  Farming is the only thing he has ever known and he loves it.  His favorite part is running the big equipment.  It is very different from the Fordson tractor he started out with.  He was so excited when they purchased a Ford Ferguson that could pull two plows.  They thought they were really doing something.  In the 1940s while the world was at war the Terrell family continued farming.  Miles Terrell and his family still farm about 4,000 acres in Virginia.


Miles Terrell’s father bought the Summerbrook Plantation property about 1950. The Terrell family has been farming Summerbrook Plantation ever since.  Louis Terrell fell in love with the beautiful, peaceful farm surroundings and decided it would be a wonderful place to raise a family. He decided to build a home for the woman that he adored, Carole.  With the help of his brothers he built the their farm home in 1975.  They have enjoyed raising their two daughters on the farm.    Through the years they have raised cows, chickens, horses, and dogs on the farm.  They love living on the farm because it is so picturesque.  


The Terrells have always loved to entertain.  They are a true farming family and know the meaning of true southern hospitality.  When they were younger they would plan large gatherings on the farm for all their friends.  Many romances started on their farm.  They love seeing people in love.  They would love the opportunity to help make your romance story complete with a beautiful rustic barn wedding. Let them share a piece of their farm home with you.  Give them the opportunity to help make your beautiful day one to remember.




Louis and Carole Terrell will help make your rustic barn wedding one to remember forever.

Miles Terrell having a coffee break at Summer Brook Plantation

 Miles Terrell's son Donny, one of our hard working farmers.